Devyn Bauer Pittsburgh National Golf Club Marketing Administrator


Hi, My name is Devyn Bauer and I am one of the happy faces you see in our office when you stop in to play some golf. I attached a picture of me trying to golf. Yup that’s me, and it s a sight I’ll tell you! There will be a few of us who will be blogging, and I am so excited to be writing our first blog. We wanted to set something up for our customers and friends to check in with the golf course, and see what is happening around here. So, in turn this blog was born.

Our blog will cover a lot of things. Course updates, trivia, tips and tricks, employee followings, and general golf information. (I personally can’t wait for the employee followings titled “A day in the life of ___________”. So much fun! Its rainy on the course today, which is needed. We have The Fox Chapel High School Golf Club out on the course today matching up against South Butler Area School District. They don’t seem to be bothered at all by the rain!

We love feedback, so lets interact! Leave us a message, comment, or question. Anything that we can help you with, or things your curious about that we can give you an answer for, we’re here! You always have the option of emailing one of us personally too. is me, and I am always an email away!

Have a great day , and check on us often!


-Devyn Bauer