Devyn Bauer, Marketing administrator, Pittsburgh National Golf Club.


So, yesterday I took a ride out on the course, just to see how much the little bit of rain we had effected the grounds. Then I thought about touching base on irrigation, and it’s importance.

Our irrigation system has been having some hiccups as seen here:



Our grounds crew has been working diligently trying to get this problem fixed. Most people don’t realize how grass maintenance effects the quality of golf.

Here are a few things I learned about the importance of grass quality while taking a ride with my General Manager Josh.

Basic irrigation keeps the course green, but does so much more than that. It determines the health of the bentgrass, keeps the course balanced to prevent algae growth , keeps the grass and turf disease free, and ultimately determines the the life or death of the course.  Deciding when to water should be a day to day decision based on turfgrass needs, not on a set calendar. Here are a few of the determining factors our superintendent takes into consideration everyday.

  • Soil moisture level
  • temperature and humidity
  • wind conditions
  • cloud cover
  • ET rate
  • Rainfall expectation in the days ahead

Then they decide when, and where it’s needed most by footprint techniques, actual wilt, golfer interruption, and so much more.  It’s a serious system to the health of our course. I am personally grateful that they know exactly what they need to do when they need to do it. I would have never guessed that so much thought went into watering the grass.

Rock on maintenance crew!

Check back with me soon

-Devyn Bauer