PNGC has equipped our entire new fleet of Club Car golf carts with a new Visage GPS system. The Visage system offers an array of many features including detailed hole images, precise yardages, scoring, food & beverage ordering, etc., all from a 10.4” touch screen. The system also features an advertising platform, allowing businesses and organizations to promote their products, services, etc. in a high quality format to a captive audience.

Reaching your audience on the golf course means catching them while they’re relaxed, positive and receptive to your message. As carts reach each hole and travels down the fairway the monitor displays advertising material showcasing a company and their products and services on an average of 15 minutes per hole. Each hole will be dedicated solely to one advertiser. In other words, the advertising program is limited to eighteen spots and will be promoting your company/organization to as many as 30,000 local golfers throughout the entire 2016 season.


Please look below for event details and if you have any further questions about our advertising program please contact our Clubhouse Manager, Devyn Bauer at 724-265-4800 or by email

Pricing and information

GPS advertising rights on specified holes run from April 15th 2018 to October 31st 2018. Advertising guarantees 3 positions per hole. Small advertisement throughout entirety of the purchased hole , full screen on fairway and full screen while leaving green to go to next tee box.  Prices below are per hole for 8 months from date of agreement and placement of ad.

□      Par 3:   Up to 10 minutes of ad time.                                                                  $ 450

□       Par 4: Up to 15 minutes of ad time                                                                    $ 600

□       Par 5:  Up to 22 minutes of ad time                                                                    $ 800

Artwork – There two types of ads on the Visage System: Insert ads and full screen ads. Small or insert ads need to be 314 pixels wide x 141 pixels tall. Full screen ads need to be 1024 pixels wide x 600 pixels tall. Ads should be in jpeg format, RGB color, and saved at a medium compression level (equivalent to a quality of 7 in Photoshop). Advertiser is responsible for developing and providing ads for placement on the PNGC GPS system. Design work is optional through PNGC for a fee of $50.